What You Can Do at Technica

Mini Events
In-person & Virtual
Want to take a break from coding and have some fun? Mini Events are for you! Mini-Events allow you to meet new friends, get creative, and even make something you can take home! The Mini Events we have planned for this year are Open Mic Night, Family Feud, DIY Your Own Technica Swag, and Board Game Corner.
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Virtual, both in-person and virtual hackers will be able to participate!
Here’s to a weekend of making new friends! A major part of the magic of Technica is the serendipitous encounters hackers have in the hallways at 3am. Whether that’s bumping into someone or wandering over to the snack table and striking up a conversation, hackers will often exit the weekend having made a friend.

Hackers will be able to join our water cooler via the navigation bar in the platform, and be instructed to join a shared Zoom call. From there, they can be assigned to a timed breakout room by the water cooler manager in order to mingle casually with 3-5 other hackers and a volunteer chaperone.
Form A Team
Virtual, both in-person and virtual hackers can participate!
During Technica, you have the option to work alone or in teams of up to 4 people for your hack! Didn’t come with a team but don't want to work alone? Come to Form a Team and we will help you find other team members based on your interests, technical specializations, prize categories, and what kind of project experience you want at Technica!
In-person or Virtual - TBD
Technica aims to be a learning experience for everyone by providing fun and informative workshops. Hackers have the option to attend workshops in order to learn more general tech skills, practice tech skills relevant to their hack, and learn about new career paths and opportunities that they may wish to pursue.
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Virtual with an optional in-person meet-up
Tech + Research is a three day research track geared towards engaging undergraduate underrepresented gender students in computing. During these three days, student teams work together and use technology to solve pressing issues. Students will participate in this research track at Technica co-hosted by the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion & Diversity in Computing.

The weekend event will bring together computing faculty from institutions across the state of Maryland to serve as mentors on projects in their research areas. Along with providing hands-on research experience in a dynamic hackathon setting, the weekend research track will include sessions introducing attendees to the basics of computer science research (CSR) and highlight the exciting opportunities that come with pursuing a graduate degree in computer science.Learn more here!
In-person & Virtual
Technichats are spaces for people in different communities to come together and discuss their experiences and challenges in tech. The goal of these meetups is to build community among underrepresented groups, hear from diverse perspectives, and work to make tech a more inclusive space for all people.

Technichats take place on the main event-long livestream which can feature company representatives in a panel moderated by the Technica team. This will include a live Q&A with our attendees and will be recorded and posted on the Technica youtube channel.
Sponsorship Fair
In-person & Virtual
Looking to network? Companies are welcome to have recruiters and recruiting materials at their booth at Technica, where they will be able to interact with hackers. There will be a Sponsorship Fair in which hackers are encouraged to visit open booths and network with recruiters, potentially gaining an invitation to apply for openings or even an internship or job offer.
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Chat With Mentors
In-person & Virtual
Need some advice? Mentors work closely with hackers throughout the weekend. They assist with questions that arise, as well as problem-solve with hackers on their projects. Mentors are there to provide guidance and insights to participants, who choose to create a software or hardware project during the hackathon.


We are offering four different tracks for Technica this year! Each track is designed to best accommodate a hacker's interests and skill level with track-specific mentors. Hackers select the track they wish to participate in during registration.

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For any and all hackers! Come build to your heart's content using hardware, software, or anything you want with other hackers. Hackers can be students, designers, or just any tech-lovers out there. Hackers of all skill levels are welcomed and supported!

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Calling all undergraduates interested in research! Come explore the fields of research within computer science. You will get to work hands-on with faculty researchers and peers to address social issues using technology and research! This track is a separate 3-day event taking place during Technica weekend.

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New to hackathons? Don't know how to code? No worries! You'll be provided with dedicated resources to help you be successful at Technica and beyond. This track begins with exclusive workshops a few weeks before Technica, and includes everything from an introduction to hackathons to universal coding and logic concepts.

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Spark up your project with some hardware! We’ll provide you with the resources needed to kickstart your own hardware projects and master the fundamentals from the ground up. This includes a kit with instructional materials and personalized sessions to help you code and build your own hacks!

Join our Family as a...

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Come build using hardware, software, or anything you want with other hackers! You don't have to know how to code to be a hacker. Hackers can be students, designers, or just any tech-lover out there!

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Come help hackers with their ideas by being a resource for hackers who may have questions about their projects. Mentors can be anyone 18 years or older and of any gender willing to share their knowledge! There will be in-person and virtual opportunities. Learn more about mentor expectations here.

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Come help with the operations! Volunteers are a huge helping hand and help make sure the hackathon runs smoothly. Anyone 18 years or older and of any gender can volunteer and help make Technica a success! There will be in-person and virtual opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "hackathon"?

A hackathon is a technology-focused event where individuals and teams work on new projects in a short period of time. You can build anything you want. An app, a robot, a website. The only limit is your imagination!

Why a hackathon for underrepresented genders?

People of a variety of genders are underrepresented in the tech world, and it’s up to everyone to change that! Technica’s goal is to create a welcoming environment where people from underrepresented genders can build cool projects and share their stories! You can learn more about gender diversity here.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don’t need ANY coding experience to participate! If you do, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s also great! Students of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, even if you’ve never written a line of code. We’re very beginner friendly and are prepared to teach you everything you need to learn right here. We also have a beginners track to further help beginner coders start their tech journey!

When is Technica?

Technica will be held from November 13-14th 2021 over a 24 hour period.

What will Technica be like this year?

This year Technica will be integrating a hybrid model as we continue adapting through the pandemic. This means Technica will be held both online and in person - not just at UMD! More information on our hybrid model will be available on this website and on social media in June, so stay tuned and get excited!

What is a hybrid hackathon?

A hybrid hackathon is a hackathon that provides the ability to attend both in-person and virtually. This year, Technica is pioneering the concept of a hybrid hackathon in order to maintain the electric atmosphere of an in-person hackathon that our community knows and loves, but also expand the ability to participate to hackers regardless of location.

Who can attend Technica?

Anyone who identifies as a marginalized gender including, but not limited to, cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, gender neutral individuals, genderqueer individuals, agender individuals, pangender individuals, or a gender who are otherwise underrepresented in tech may register as a hacker! All ages are welcome. Additionally, all participants must follow the MLH code of conduct and Technica code of conduct.

Are there any COVID-19 policies?

All in-person attendees must be vaccinated without exception. The event will be following University of Maryland and Maryland state social distancing and mask mandates active at the time of the event.

How much does it cost to attend Technica?

Technica is FREE for all participants, thanks to our amazing sponsors! Participation includes a lot of free gear and swag!

What if I'm under 18?

Under 18 and still want to code with us? Don’t worry! Technica is very minor friendly; we have accommodations for participants under 18!

How do teams work?

You can work on a project on your own, or you can work with a team. Teams can be formed prior to the day of the hackathon with other participants, or at the team formation event before official hacking begins. You can meet other hackers in the Technica Hacker Facebook group and Slack workspace. Team size must not exceed four members, per MLH rules.

How do I get swag?

All US-based virtual hackers will be sent a swag package on Technica weekend and in-person hackers will receive swag at UMD. You can earn additional items by attending workshops.

Who can I reach out to with questions or concerns?

If you have any special needs you feel our organizers should be aware of or other questions or concerns, please chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner or email hello@gotechnica.org.

How can I register?

Registration for Technica 2021 is open as of June 1st, 2021! You can register here.


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