Technica is calling on students from all around the country to work alongside our 2021 organizing team!

As a Technica Campus Ambassador, you’ll have the unique opportunity to help foster our community beyond Technica weekend at UMD. As a representative of your school, you’ll spread the word about Technica 2021 on your campus and promote our message of inclusion in STEM for the largest hackathon for underrepresented genders in the world!

What do Campus Ambassadors do?

  • Generate awareness, excitement, and buzz leading up to Technica 2021
  • Promote Technica on your campus and social media
  • Communicate with Technica’s Brand team weekly

Why should you apply?

  • Be a leader at your school!
  • Have your resume shared with our sponsors
  • Potential to earn awesome perks:
    • Travel reimbursement for Technica 2021
    • Social Media features
    • Feature in 2021 Technica Ambassador Video
    • Host a fireside chat or workshop for Technica
    • Custom Technica merchandise

Application Deadline: August 1st* @ 11:59PM

*the application deadline has been extended

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn perks?

If selected as a Campus Ambassador, we’ll be sure to explain to you the details of our merit-based system. All you need to know is, the more effort you put into your role and outreach as an Ambassador, the more perks you’ll receive!

When is Technica 2021?

Technica 2021 will take place within the first three Saturdays of November. The exact date is soon to be announced!

I don't identify as an underrepresented gender, can I still apply?

Yes, of course! All genders and allies are welcome to be an Ambassador!

I've never been to Technica, can I still apply?

Yes, of course! We always welcome first-time attendees to Technica and this is no exception!

I'm in high school, can I still apply?

Yes! Any full-time student, as of November 2021, from 6th grade onwards is eligible to apply!

I'm not in the United States, can I still apply?

Yes! International students are eligible and encouraged to apply!

How much of a time commitment will this role require?

If you’re selected as a Campus Ambassador, all that we require is that you attend Technica 2021 (stay tuned for the exact date) and complete our weekly progress form (which will start in September 2021)! This a merit-based program, so you’ll get out of it as much as you put in!

When will I hear back if I was selected as a Campus Ambassador?

Our brand team will be getting back to you between the end of July and beginning of August!