Beginner Resources

Programming Basics

What is Programming?

Watch this Khan Academy video or read this Codecademy article. Higher level analysis of the types of programming languages for anyone who wants to read in more detail can be found here.

What do I write code with?

W3Schools has specific coding examples and tutorials for different concepts in Java (and other languages too!).

Codecademy is a website where you can do basic tutorials for several different programming languages and learn about computer science concepts!

CS Dojo
A (video) introduction to object-oriented programming.

There are also some free online classes offered by colleges and universities to help aspiring programmers get ahead of the game with Java and Python!

Where do I write code?

Eclipse is an environment in which you can write code in many languages, including Java and Python! Here is how to start your first project!

Development Basics

UI Design

Want to design your app without implementing the full functionality? Here are some websites where you can draw out what you would like your app to look like: MIT App Inventor, Figma.

Android Studio

Here's how to get started with Android Studio as a beginner. You can follow this article to learn how to build a basic Android Studio application. Visual learner? No problem! Here’s a YouTube playlist that walks you through using Android Studio to build your apps.

Web Development

W3Schools is a great resource for learning HTML and other web development basics.

Codecademy is a website that offers basic tutorials for several different web development topics and languages!

Web Development Crash Course
A crash course of web development concepts!

HTML Introduction
A very basic intro to HTML, but it links into a web development tutorial series!


Here is some Unity documentation to get you started. Then, follow along a Youtube tutorial series to build basic projects such as a Survival Game or a 2D Game.


Follow along a Youtube series to learn the basics of Arduino hardware.